Mr. Brando Foster

Mr. Brando Foster
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If you are looking for Brando and the other dogs, you can find them throughout the archives here, or go to The Dogs Who Found Me website. You can also find some gorgeous shots of Brando, Zephyr and Sula at Cami Johnson's website Old Yeller's Revenge.

If you are looking for the book, try Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books A Million, Booksmith, Cody's, Book Passage, Shaman Drum or your favorite local store.


Carina said…
Ken, I heard your interview today on NPR - you rock! I came home and googled you, now I'll buy your book.
Brando is lovely. I've had Rottweilers, mostly - and have picked up my share of street dogs too. I suspect one of my current ones has some pitbull in her mix; Daphne was a sad ghetto dog. She also ate a rug today, in my absence. Ha.
Anonymous said…
I listened to your Fresh Air interview and it made my day. I have a Pit and put up with ignorance on a daily basis. I enjoyed hearing an intelligent person talk openly about Pits. Usually, you hear uninformed views or idiots talking about how tough their dog is. It gets very old, very quickly.Thanks.

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