TJ and The Dogs Who Found Me

tj and the dogs who found me
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I spent the afternoon of March 26 signing books at the Lousiana SPCA's Dog Day Afternoon, where I met many very happy, friendly pit bulls. One of them, TJ, took a seat in the shade next to a giant poster of Sula. Notice that TJ (aka Trap Jack) is nearly as big as the wildly enlarged Sula.

TJ was a foster dog with the LA-SPCA, but like many pits I know, he managed to convince Emily, his foster mom, that she really didn't need to find him another home. Pit bulls are like that. Just ask Sula.


TrapJacksMama said…
That's my boy! :)

A side note: Trap Jack was another pit deemed "unadoptable" because of his breed and a history of abuse/neglect. I took him as my foster right before his scheduled euthanasia. Within a few days, I decided I couldn't possibly live without him (of course). My landlord at the time wouldn't allow me to keep him in the house unsupervised, so for 6 months I dropped him off at the LASPCA every morning (where he "worked" behind the front desk as the temperament testing dog) and picked him up every evening after work while I searched for pit-friendly apartments. I finally found one, and I officially adopted Trap on move-in day: June 1, 2005. When Hurricane Katrina came, we evacuated along with another (pit bull) foster dog. Upon our return, we found that our apartment was unscathed... but my old apartment was completely destroyed. If I hadn't adopted Trap, I would have lost EVERYTHING. I'm convinced it was fate, and I'm thankful every day that he found me. :)
Rene Breier said…
Dear Ken Foster
First, bless you for what you have done and are doing for dogs, especially Pits.
I listened to your incredibly heartwarming interview with Terry Gross and I am definitely going to purchase your book.
I am a founder of Walk for the Underdog, a grassroots, non-profit 501c3 that supports dogs in Rescue in Los Angeles. After rescuing my sweet Husky Ookami, discarded at 11 months, I discovered the shocking reality that 700 dogs are being euthanized in LA's shelters every week.Our long term goal is to spread Walk for the Underdog across the USA and empty the Shelters. Our upcoming event is May 7th at la Brea TarPits Los Angeles. It's a Walk, an adoption event and Silent Auction.Of course we have a major Pit Bull Rescue on board. We will support 25 Rescues with proceeds. Walkers register online and get sponsors. We would die to have you Ken Foster at our event. Any chance? Or, would you be interested in possibly having us promote your book somehow--at the event and/or online? Please look up Walk for the Underdog.
I greatly look forward to hearing from you
Rene Breier, Ph.D 858 452-1179

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