Sunday, April 02, 2006

A note from our Canadian friends: Tom and Rocky Price

Some people have been asking about Rocky, the 8 year old supposed pit bull who is going to be put to sleep in Ontario because someone is worried that he looks like a pit bull. Can Rocky be moved? I emailed his owner and got this response:

Yes there are quite a few rescue groups in Canada that have offered to move Rocky. There have also been offers from a few neighbors to the south of us. Currently, it is quite easy to move Rocky somewhere else in Canada, because only Ontario has the Pit Bull ban. Some other provinces have dangerous dog policies, while others insist upon insurance for pit bulls.

If you are following the Canadian problem, one of our top Constitutional lawyers will be arguing the Ontario ban, at the Ontario Supreme Court, on May 15& 16/06. It is no secret, if the court upholds the Ontario ban, the flood gates will open. I'll go as far as to say within the year, all provinces will have pit bull bans. There will be a lot of dogs put down, or we'll be looking for lots of rescues from our friends to the south. We expect to hear something by the end of June from the courts.

The real problem is the other 45 breeds that have that similar bull look + all the mix breed, and all the poor things such as Rocky, which nobody has a clue about. Yes, Rocky could be pure Staffordshire (It appears highly unlikely) he could be part Staff, or he could have no Staff at all. But because he has that bull look, he is automatically deemed to be of the Pit Bull variety. This is the fight I'm having. There is just no scientific way to say one way
or the other, so let's base it on the fact that in 9 years he's never been in trouble with the law, not suddenly he looks like a Pit Bull.

Our next step is an Appeal to full council to over turn the designation on April 24th, which is why I've sent all the email addresses. We need to flood these guys with emails to prove we are tired of this, and we are not the small minority they refer to us as. 50,000 - to a quad zillion emails are needed so please spread those addresses around.

If this Appeal is unsuccessful (which is pretty much a given)then it's off to court we are going, and a stay of Rocky's death sentence should be granted. If not he'll be moved.

I hope this was helpful to you, and once again I'd like to thank you for your support and efforts.

He also supplied the following email addresses for anyone who wants to write in:

John Smola (Chairman of Dog legislation Committee)

Mike Galloway

John Gazzola

Christina Weylie

Geoff Lorentz

Carl Zehr (Mayor)

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