Three weeks after Fresh Air, Amazon finally has stock

I guess those incredibly long shipping estimates were right! Three weeks after the original air date of my Fresh Air interview, Amazon finally has stock to ship in 24 hours. So, go ahead and order The Dogs Who Found Me if you've been waiting. If you are a Books a Million fan, they also finally have the book in stock again too.

Of course, you can also order it through your local bookstore. Or from my friends at Powell's.

Also, I'm putting together summer dates in the following areas: Philly, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago. If you are in or around those areas and have suggestions, fire away.


jennybunny said…
If you're in the Boston area, you can't go wrong with Brookline Booksmith. There is Rythm & Muse in Jamaica Plain as well -- which is notable for its high pit population (the MSPCA is nearby and as far as I know, they have a pit bull placement program).

BTW, my friend Adriene, an artist now living in San Diego, adopted a pit named Lucy several years ago. She is an absolute doll. Here is her Web page (my kids drew the cute "get well" cards).

Thanks for all the work that you do. I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing you in Boston!
janie said…
Any possibility of coming to Ohio??? I read your book two weeks ago and it has been with me ever since. I have told many about the book and have bought copies for fellow rescuers...It's a beautiful book. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Come to Austin! Its dog heaven down here! We would love to have you. We have lots of pits, and unfortunately some of the problems that go along with having lots of pits, but there are lots of wonderful rescuers and owners here, great dog friendly restaurants, coffee shops, etc. and we have huge parks right in the city. check out and for some of the local rescue groups.
Linda Berris said…
Hi Ken,

Loved your reading in Chicago to benefit Furry Friends! FFF is a great rescue group doing important work and I'm glad you're raising awareness for them.

If you are coming back to Chicago, there are two other wonderful rescue groups you might want to contact in terms of readings or perhaps appearing at one of their events:

1. Chicago Canine Rescue ( is a great group I volunteer for when possible. They don't discriminate against any breeds and in fact rescue many pit bulls. I've helped chauffeur a couple to vet appointments--Comet and Dasher, two "reindeer puppies" born right before Christmas.

For the "awwww" factor, here's Dasher-- ID'd as a shep X for some reason! As you can see, his mom (cleverly named Mama-- is clearly a pit. CCR has a bunch of events coming up, and in September they have the Mutt Strut (more of a little doggie fair than a race), which is lots of fun and would make a GREAT venue for a reading IMO.

2. PAWS Chicago ( is a major rescue group doing great work (I've adopted two cats from them over the years). They are building a great state of the art shelter similar to the SF SPCA. In addition to their regular adoption events, PAWS coordinates the two Angels With Tails adoption events each year, in which shelters from the entire Chicagoland area participate, and dogs and cats are "displayed" in chic stores on Michigan Avenue and on Armitage.

Regardless of whom you work with, it will be great to have you come back out this way for more readings!!

-- Linda Berris, Chicago

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