Furry Friends at Quimby's

Furry Friends at Quimby's
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I've been terrible about taking pictures at my events, but after spending an afternoon with Nicky and Edy, I had to get our photo together. They are brother and sister, about two years old, and they are looking for a permanent home together. Currently, they live with the Furry Friends Foundation.

I met them first at my Kiehl's signing, where they busied themselves with greeting all the women who were shopping for eye cream. Then they joined me at Quimby's for my reading with Elizabeth Crane and Megan Stielstra. (Earlier in the day, Megan's dog Mojo joined me on the noon news at WGN.)

And yes, they are pit bulls.


megan said…
We had such a great time, Ken! Thanks for having us!

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