The Cattiness of Dog People

I've been trying, as much as possible, to do events that either raise funds or show off animals from organizations that are friendly to pit bulls. They don't have to be exclusively pit bulls, but I tend to shy away from any agency or group that claims to be advocating for all animals but secretly excluding dogs with "a certain look."

Unfortunately, each time I do this, I end up on the receiving end of emails from other organizations or individuals, talking trash about the people I'm helping out. Sometimes these come from people who didn't want to be bothered accepting my offer of having their animals or a collection box at my event--but then they change their mind. Sometimes it comes from former volunteers. Nearly always, the emails are comprised of vague accusations and personal attacks against the people in the organization.

I have to point out that I'm not raising money for the people. I'm raising it for the dogs. (And, the cats, too.) But the more I get these emails, the more I wonder if it might be easier to just give up on my goal of using my events to help local groups in the city I'm visiting. Certainly it would be less work on my part, less stress, and easier on my in-box.

For now, I'll just suggest this: If you'd like me to work with your group, write to me and tell me about your group. Don't write and tell me how awful all the others are--that's not going to impress me.


Charlene said…
Hi Ken, I e-mailed you then thought that maybe I should blog instead. We are a SMALL Pit Bull
rescue located in Las Vegas, NV. We are a 501(c)(3) and we are the only rescue in Nevada devoted solely to pit bull dogs.

Here's our website:
Here's our currently available dogs:
(with more to come, always, every day).

Anyway, we'd LOVE to have your help in any way, shape or form. If you have an idea
what will help our dogs, we are all ears. We work with other rescues here in Las
Vegas (even the catty ones :-) ) and are currently working on some adoption events with the Nevada SPCA.


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