Chicago and Iowa: Quimby's, Kiehl's and Prairie Lights

I'm back on the road again this week, after another nightmarish flight in which the aircraft was on the runway for two hours while they looked for a missing part. I'll be doing some TV and radio in Chicago today (WGN and WBBM-FM if you are in the area) and then signing books at Kiehl's (yes, the skin care people) from 4-6pm, followed by a reading at Quimby's at 7pm with Elizabeth Crane and Megan Stielstra. There will be dogs involved.

Tomorrow I head to Iowa City to read at Prairie Lights, which will also be broadcast on the radio. Then, once again, I get to head home.

I'll post some more later in the week, but here's the latest: Zephyr was a big hit at the Zephyrs game yesterday; The San Francisco Chroncile published a really nice review yesterday; and the Times Picayune ran a column about my commitment to New Orleans and to Ethel, one of the rehab tent dogs who found a home.


TrapJacksMama said…
Ethel found a home?!?! Yay!!!

I had been too scared to ask what happened to her after I noticed she wasn't at the shelter anymore. This is fantastic news!!! :-D

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