Pit bull remains in his family home

Pit bull remains in his family home
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If you look into the demolished attic of this New Orleans home, you can see the gorgeous, mournful face of a pit bull waiting for his family to return. After reading the story that appeared in the New York Times today, I am unsure as to whether the dogs they photographed were ultimately rescued, or just used as convenient models for their coverage.

WWLTV.com also has a slide show of a litter of starving pit bulls being rescued by boat.

Until now, I've been avoiding most of the animal coverage, in part because I think the human story is a priority. Today I want to go and help out, but I'm not allowed back. This is what is so baffling: the Times interviewed a woman from Atlanta who flew down to help collect animals. But those of us actually live there are still not allowed to return.

I just hope the pit bulls aren't needlessly put down. Particularly this cutie. He deserves a home.


Lisa in tlh said…
Have you seen the Dogster Dog of the Week? It's a shame.
Jennifer said…
What a photo! My cat sends his love to Brando.

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