Oh yeah...and today is my birthday

A week ago I was sitting with Andy Young and planning our birthday party, which was going to take place tonight in her French Quarter apartment. Some of her Egyptian friends had offered to roast a lamb for us.

Today, I keep forgetting that it is my birthday at all. But I'm glad that I'm here to have forgotten it.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday
worry woman said…
Happy Birthday. One you will never forget.
I just saw your blog on CNN. I am obessed with the coverage on the storm and now I found your site.
God Bless You and your dogs. I have never read any of your stuff but I plan to now.
I lived in Florida for 21 years and never came close to a hurricane.
God speed Mr. Foster. I pray for everyone there...
It is easy for me to type that it will get better, but I am praying that it soon will for everyone involved.
nolapoet said…
Happy Birthday, Ken. I am as angry as you are. Also saw your blog via CNN. Any news of Andy Young or anyone else welcome at http://www.ken-foster.com/

Robin Kemp
Ken Foster said…
I know Andy is okay; Anne Gisleson is in Alaska; Brad Richard is safe; Sara Gran is in Texas; last I heard Peter Cooley was still in his house. If anyone has any other news on NOLA writers, please feel free to post it here.
sense said…
happy birthday my friend i am happy you are ok ..If you need anything just let me know..

hurray for bush..that man has major talents dude.

Anonymous said…

I am a friend of Peter Brown and he asked me to tell you that if you need a place to stay closer to home call him in Jackson at 610 984-3503.

Steve Behar
Anonymous said…
So glad to finally hear you are okay. Be sure to contact me when you arrive in Tallahassee. Happy Birthday!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ken,

You have been through quite a bit this week. I'm glad you are OK.

We will have to celebrate your birthday whenever you get up to my area.
Alison Pelegrin said…
You asked for cross-posting, and I wanted to say that via my blod Charles Jensen said he has heard from Kalamu.
Dominique said…
Happy Birthday. I've been following your blog and am glad to know you're safe. If you're ever in Chicago, I'd roast a lamb for you, except I'm a terrible cook.

Anonymous said…
happy birthday dude@

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Ken!
What a helluva way to spend your birthday.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday, Ken.
I am glad to hear you are in one piece.
Love from NYC,
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday doesn't quite seem enough right now - but I'll say it anyway.

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