Joe DeSalvo, Rosemary James and Faulkner House

Joe and Rosemary made it to their home in South Carolina.

I was worried. When I last saw Joe, he was saying that he wouldn't have time to leave town after securing all the rare books at Faulkner House. Then he gave me money so that I'd be able to make it out of town. I was down to about forty bucks and never would have made it without the loan. Like many of the even poorer folks in the city, I was waiting for a paycheck that didn't come til the end of the week. I was lucky enough to know someone who could help.

Thank you Joe!


Anonymous said…
Joe and Rosemary are the nicest people on earth, and I'm so glad all of you made it out of the city--Joe, Rosemary, and Ken.

Dayne Sherman

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