A Ken Foster Update

Hi Everyone,
This is Ken's friend Case in Florida. I spoke with Ken today (his phone is finally working, though only intermitenttly) and he asked me to post the following things.
1) He is ok.
2) He is still in Hattiesburg, MS, but as conditions there worsen (no ice, water, a/c etc..) he is heading to Tallahassee.
3) He and the dogs have a place to stay here
4) His words, "It's total chaos. No one is in charge or seems to know what's going on."

He should be available by phone and email soon.


Lisa in Tlh said…
Let him know he's welcome at my house, too.
Pragya said…
Thanks for the update Case. We're all very glad, very relieved that he's well.
Anonymous said…

I'm glad to hear you and the dogs are okay. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.

My info: 323.447.0568 cell or palvarez@npa.net.

Java & Kai said…
Hey Brando,

The dog run in NYC is still dry. Plus you and Ken can always share my crate, just keep your paws off my dog bowl please.

JAVA - the ridgeback
Betsy said…
There's a dog run down at the end of our block here in Chicago too...
nolapoet said…
Great dog park in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, if you haven't heard yet. Grab a coffee and take the dogs.


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