Friday, February 08, 2008

Sula's latest photo shoot...and an offer from The Sula Foundation

Yesterday morning we had a photo shoot on our porch. I had thought that it was for Preservation in Print, the publication of the Preservation Resource Center. They had called last week when I was in New York, and I had quickly agreed to have them come down and do whatever they needed. And then, of course, I began hatching my plan to slip Sula into the photo. When they arrived yesterday, I discovered that it was actually for St. Charles Avenue Magazine--for the cover, I think, although obviously I'm easily confused these days. A group of people gathered on the steps to promote the Julia Jump annual gala, while Sula and I sat off to the side, but still in the frame of the photo. If she isn't cropped out, I'm sure Sula will be the first pit bull featured on the cover of St. Charles Avenue.

Meanwhile, The Sula Foundation now has an official checking account, which means we can now accept contributions to help pay for our pit bull vaccination clinics and educational programs. And if you make a donation of $20 or more, well send you a signed copy of The Dogs Who Found Me. You can donate here:

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