The problem with Hillary

A couple of people have asked why I'm not supporting Hillary Clinton. And I've avoided answering it, because...well, because I just don't even want to acknowledge her I guess. The truth is I voted for her for Senate in New York. And I quickly saw that she was willing to reverse her positions any time it was convenient for her career. I wrote to her expressing my disappointment on a number of issues, including the war. I didn't expect a reply, but was shocked to be put on a "Friends of Hillary" email list that sent frequent, frequent updates on her activities. I asked to be removed, more than once, and I still get them today.

Then, in 2004, I was working as a volunteer on another campaign and got to see first hand the really sickening, self-serving and destructive tactics of the Clinton machine. And it was then that I knew I would never be able to vote for her again.

More recently, she's been outright lying not only about her own record, but also about Obama's. Here's a video in which a former Clinton team member describes how they intentionally told lies about Obama's record on women's rights:

It's an old political tactic. Release misinformation just before an important vote, then distance yourself from the claim later.

Now I'll get back to some more innocuous blogging.


eve m. russell said…
Hm. For being a self-professed agent of change, she's sure implementing a lot of Rovian tactics.

Sí se puede, homeboy.

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