New Video: Ken, Trap Jack, Dag, The Hot 8, and the pit bulls of New Orleans

Here is video from the pit bull party I hosted in October with the Hot 8 Brass Band. With sponsorship from Animal Farm Foundation, we filmed the dancing dogs and interviewed their owners.

The party also announced The Sula Foundation, which will be working to help New Orleans pit bulls, and their owners, through shot clinics, spay/neuter programs and education. You can go to to learn more or contribute.


Beemerchef said…
Hi Ken... Spirit and I are still on the road after 16 months... I could kick myself as we went through Baton Rouge just 3 weeks ago, spending one month with my mother that lives in Germany, we met on Tybee Island. Maybe on the way back (we are going to Moab) we could stop!
Be well... and fo course always enjoy reading you... Spirit does too!!!
Ara & Spirit
eve m. russell said…
Hooray Trap Jack! How cool to see the boys from the book on YouTube.
Mac`s Gang said…

I miss my guy even more(if possible) after watching this.

Great video.

Thanks for sharing this

From a

Sad Ontario,Canada resident
hoping for better times for our dogs.
Mac`s Gang said…
I`m back to beg on behalf of Ontario Pit Bulls.

It won`t cost a cent.

A wonderful family is donating 10 cents per comment (on this video)
to the Ontario Legal Challenge

It`s a violin recital.
You don`t have to watch.
You just have to comment.

The little girl owns a "Substantially Similar" Ontario Pit Bull


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