Catching up with the Michael Vick dogs...

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Pass Christian Books: a Micheal Vick chew toy for my dogs. They'd destroy it in a minute, so I'm keeping it far from their reach. I have to say, Vick looks a little fragile--twig thin arms and lets, etc.

Meanwhile, the people who have been working with Micheal Vick's remaining dogs are now free to talk about them and introduce them to the public. There had been a court order that basically kept the dogs out of the limelight until now.

First up, there is a moving series of photos with narration at Bad Rap's website.

Also, a friend sent this link to a news story covering one dogs introduction to living in a real home.

And at Best Friends, they have renamed the dogs Vicktory Dogs and will be updating their site regularly with updates on their progress.


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