Sula schedules her first clinic

Sula Foundation Logo, originally uploaded by kfoz.

The Sula Foundation now has a logo, and our first shot clinic will be held on February 23 in the Lower Ninth Ward (aka as our neighborhood). We're still working out all the details, and looking for people who might be interested in helping--as volunteers or donors.

Yesterday I began distributing information at the Barkus parade, along with free t-shirts from Animal Farm Foundation. When I told people our plan--free or reduced cost shot clinics, school programs, and a calendar for 2009 promoting positive pit bull relationships--they really got excited. Some people handed me cash, some handed me drink tickets. Some said that the shot clinic would really help them out in taking care of their dogs.

Sula, of course, is terrified of large crowds, so she stayed home with Brando and Zephyr. Zeph would have loved it, but I thought it might be confusing to be walking around with a rottie while talking about pit bulls.

A few observations: there were a ton of boxers this year, and fewer pit bulls than I remember, although it was so crowded it was hard to get a sense of it.

Most disturbing outfit: one woman shaved her large dog in a checkerboard pattern. I'm not sure why--I have no idea what they were supposed to be dressed as. And I kept suggesting that she should be arrested.


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