Tornadoes hit New Orleans Lakefront

Last night we had a major storm. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain and wind. There's nothing unusual about that. But this time it went on for hours. Brando stood on the bed trembling, which resulting in the bed shaking like crazy as well. Sula was hyperventilating in her crate. After a few hours I thought, "Is this another hurricane?"

Remarkably, the power did not go out. But the news is now reporting that tornadoes did touch down in the Lakefront area, destroying at least one home, undoing the repairs on others and causing some additional damage at the airport.

Five and a half months have passed since the big storm hit, and the government is still deciding whether or not they care, so I guess a tornado is no big deal either.

UPDATE: A friend just emailed to say that her flight to NYC has been delayed...until Saturday.


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