Petition for service from Cingular

I keep running into Cingular customers who are unable to make or receive calls. Turns out we've all been told that no one else is having problems. So we've started a petition to document exactly how many people are the "only person" reporting problems. If you live in New Orleans and have Cingular issues, please join us here.


Anonymous said…
You should contact the state attorney general and the better business bureau, then e-mail cingular to let them know.

It worked for us.
nolapoet said…
Ken and others,

I just looked at the FCC records, and there are 84 wireless towers in the city of New Orleans itself.

If you live near a cell tower, you will find some identifying numbers and a company name (or names, when several share one tower) on it somewhere.

Copy down that info and you can look up information about the license at

There you can look up and find e-mails and addresses of people directly responsible for particular towers.

The only specific Cingular licensee I found was called "NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC." If I'm not mistaken, cell phone companies may go through each other's cells depending on where you're roaming--but if you're having trouble, this Dallas-based corporation would probably be the place to start looking for answers.

You also can file service complaints with the FCC at

Good luck, everyone...

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