Amazon Connect

For the past month I've been posting on a second blog over at Amazon, as part of the Amazon Connect program. Essentially, blog posts from "your favorite authors" are added to their individual book pages, and sent via some kind of message system to customers who have purchased their books.

To be honest, I'm still trying to figure out how to distinguish between these two blogs--should they be the same, or different? Should my Amazon entries be only about books and such? Currently, I'm trying out a variety of approaches, including recommendations of other books that I"ve read.

You can check out my stuff there at my "The Dogs Who Found Me" page.


Martha Garvey said…
Thanks for wondering out loud what...I'm wondering, too. I have two books out now, a blog a piece, and now...should I do this Amazon thing? I guess so. Would be curious to know how you like it.

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