Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Meanwhile, while the New York Times continues to wring their hands over James Frey...

There's a collapsed house in the middle of the street a block away from my house. You have to actually drive around it. It has been there since September, and there is no sign of it ever leaving.

The US Post Office is quietly making plans to discontinue delivery of mail to homes in New Orleans. Permanently. We haven't had regular mail delivery since August--we get it about twice a week--and there's no sign that the PO plans to hire anyone to replace their displaced workers. Here's why: they plan to install suburban mailbox clusters throughout the city and stop delivery to homes altogether. This is the most retarded idea ever. There is no room for boxes on the sidewalk. And it would be a violation of the historic district code. But they are the federal government, and they don't care.

Apparently the police families that have been living on cruise ships since September are going a little stircrazy. Unofficial word is that there is a high rate of domestic violence between couples sharing windowless cabins. And a few days ago the entire ship broke free from the dock and went swirling into the Mississippi.

And thousands and thousands of perfectly reasonable people are talking seriously and openly about the fact that Louisiana should secede from the US, retain the oil rights that have been taken from them, and fix things on their own. It is clear that the rest of the country, particularly those in Washington, don't care.


lisa in tlh said...

Retarded, indeed.

Betsy said...

I don't even know which part of this is most disturbing.