An interview with Ken Foster: Lost and Found

There's an interview with me in today's Times-Picayune. You can read it here.


Anonymous said…

Lucy didn't commit suicide but died of an accidental heroin overdose. You or the interviewer even misppelled her last name, which is Grealy, not Grealey!

Lucy's real friend
kfoz said…'re "real"!

If you actually read my book, you'll see that her name is spelled correctly and that I only mention the email sent out by Publishers weekly announcing her death, and the fact that it contained many errors.

But why bother reading when you can post anonymous comments?
Anonymous said…
I'll be at your reading in Portland. Will you sign a damaged advanced copy of your book? My dog was about to tear your book to shreds before I stopped her. I managed to salvaage it although I lost the book cover and the first couple of pages.

kfoz said…
Is that criticism or enthusiasm?

I'll absolutely sign it. I don't know if the store makes people buy books at events or not--they didn't used to.

Today I was at an event where some people wanted my rottweiler to sign a book by chewing on it, but she refused.

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