Canada wants to kill this dog

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Officials in Kitchener, Ontario, are chomping at the bit to kill Rocky. He's an eight year old American Staffordshire terrier, and he's in violation of their ban on pit bulls. He's never done anything wrong, and he lives very happily with his owner Tom. You can find a photo of them together here.

Ontario has a ban on pit bulls, even though they haven't quite decided which breeds are included, it apparently gives them the right to pick and choose. Even more outrageous: the decision to kill him was made by the local Humane Society. The decision was delivered to Tom Price's home on February 7th. He is attempting an appeal on March 20th. A petition can be found here: PLEASE SIGN IT AND PASS IT ALONG.

The most absurd thing about all this is that if Rocky were unneutered, he would likely be spared. There is a loophole that allows for pure bred dogs to be saved. But only if they are intact. So by doing the responsible thing, neutering his dog, and keeping it as a pet, Rocky's owner may have sealed the poor dog's fate.

Imagine what might be accomplished if the Humane Society actually spent time cracking down on abuse and encouraging neutering and spaying of the animals instead of putting dogs like Rocky to sleep.


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