Thursday, August 04, 2005

This is what happens when you blog about moving

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Actually, I don't think the people who broke into my old house read blogs. Or anything else for that matter.

This week, after having to rent a car during the move because my van overheated and died with me and the dogs trapped inside, I spent most of the week searching for lost paychecks, arguing with banks and trying to find the postman.

Today I went back to Mississippi to get the rest of my stuff and found that someone had broken in and ransacked the place. I'd left behind mostly papers and photos and photo negatives, along with some books, etc. Some of it was stacked, some boxed, some not. Nevermind. It was all gone through, the couch taken apart, the envelopes of photos and negatives strewn across the floor, etc.

So, in a year in Mississippi, the following things have happened to me:
1. My heart stopped working
2. My leg was slashed open on a post office door.
3. My hard drive crashed.
4. My computer conked out a second time after $1000 in repairs.
5. My car died.
6. My house was broken into and my personal items fingered by strangers.

And those are just the highlights.

Goodbye, Mississippi!!!


felicia said...

thank god you weren't IN the house!!
And this goes to show you how far you've come this year and you're in this new, amazing place - NEW ORLEANS!
with a whole new year ahead.

Betsy said...

Hello New Orleans!


c said...

7. wrote some good stories
8. went to a prison rodeo
9. met micha
8. ate oysters at the hog
9. removed a splinter during a hurricane
10. witnessed tha darkness

kfoz said...

Oh, and...

11. Met Case Miller.

But that might even merit a higher ranking. Maybe.

Jennifer said...

I was thinking about packing it up and moving to H'burg this week instead of in two...

You Don't Know Me said...

Were you ever robbed in New York? And people think no one does anything but drink and rope hogs in the south.... Here's to a new beginning in NOLA.

kfoz said...

Actually, I was never robbed in New York. And I rarely locked my door. And I lived in the East Village, pre-gentrification. But there's less for people to do in Hattiesburg than in NYC, so I guess they can't help but trash a place when they see someone has moved out.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

haha, cool pic

Lisa tlh said...

That sucks! Better luck in N.O.

h'burg said...

dude what the shit is that ps3 blog comment?

kfoz said...

UM...blogger spam?

Betsy said...

Blogger spam. Of course. Blam.

j said...

Blogger spam. Of course. Blam.