Can someone talk some sense into my Tivo?

I'm still unpacking in New Orleans, trying to straighten out my multiple, mostly empty bank accounts, trying to pay for my car repairs after the van broke down on moving day, and dealing with the expense of a rental car to replace the dead hand-me-down-from-my-sister van. is the goddamn Tivo that is really driving crazy. I've never had it before and it seems possessed. It records the most inane shows--Leave it to Beaver, Bonanza, obscure Russian films--but refuses, mostly, to record any of the things I've programmed into it. And it keeps recording shows on Cinemax and Sundance--but I don't actually get those channels, so it records hours of black screen. It also changes the channels on its own, so that if I leave the house with my dogs watching All My Children, I return to see them watching some IFC film.

Is this the way its supposed to work? Is it another convenience that is actually an annoyance in disguise?


c said…
Its on the same level as dentist, everyone says thats a modern wonder, but I disagree.
Betsy said…
Doesn't it seem obvious that the dogs are the ones to point at here? Clearly they have better taste than AMC.
kfoz said…
Brando has been watching AMC his entire life. Maybe he doesn't like the new Dixie impersonator?

I used to tell him when I left the apartment, "Pay attention--you have to let me know what happens when I get back." I thought it might help with his separation anxiety. They say you need to give the dog a task.
Betsy said…
Ha! Probably he knows the old Dixie is coming back and he's just waiting.

Did you know Tad Martin used to be a really good friend of mine? That's right. I hang with the stars too.

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