Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More on my medical drama

I've been getting a lot of response to that last post of mine, including a few people from inside Tulane and even more from other medical institutions around the country. I want to clarify that I do understand that not all patients are treated immediately and I've probably been very lucky with my previous treatment at other institutions. I also understand why, for example, phones aren't installed in ICU "rooms" (the problem being that I wasn't supposed to be in ICU and needed a phone to try to get out of there). More than that, I want to say that the vast majority of the people I dealt with at Tulane, as individuals, seemed to be doing all that they could. But there's something wrong with the management of a system in which anyone has to wait that long for treatment, and in which the continual delays result in beds being unavailable for people who really need a bed.

I spent the weekend trying to get in touch with someone--anyone--at Tulane, to try to find the missing information from my discharge. None of the on-call doctors were able to help me, but said they would leave a message for Dr. A, my new cardiologist, to call me. No call came. I spent Monday making multiple calls to try to get an appointment with him--no one was able to get me to the proper person who might schedule that. I called a Dr. at another hospital and was able to talk to someone immediately, schedule something for next Tuesday, and was warned "When we have patients from Tulane it is impossible to get their records." So, at least I know its not just me.

Meanwhile, when I lay on my left side, I feel a strange twitching in my diaphragm, which makes me worry we're going to have to start over again with with those misplaced leads in my chest.

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Anonymous said...

Jezus, Ken. I hope you are feeling better and are not planning on going back to Tulane for anything. Be well. - Tom