On the other hand...

Just before my entry into the New Orleans of awful service, I had a great night out. I went with friends to Judith Owen and Harry Shearer's Christmas Sing A Long at the CAC. I had missed last year's show, so this year I bought tickets early, and still when the day came, I felt like I could take it or leave it. I'd been out selling pit bull calendars all day. I was pooped. But I went anyway and it was fantastic. They had a great lineup of musicians sing two songs a piece, including a hip hop number by Leah Chase, and then for the second half, it was a sing a long with required audience participation. The climax was a rendition of twelve days of Christmas in which we were divided into twelve groups and had a to collaborate on a pantomime to accompany our section of the song. I was in the "four calling birds" section, and I'm proud to say that I came up with the hand signal we used to represent "birds." Judith found it quite shocking--and then awarded us a small plastic toy called "Flip Off Santa."

But, what was really remarkable was this: The night before Judith broke her nose, spent the wee hours in ER, and still performed, sang and joked like nothing had happened.

Now that's service.


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