January 9th: Strike Against Crime

This is what the inside of my Element looks like when the seats are removed and 1000 yard signs put in. These "CRIME HAPPENED HERE" signs are set to be put out across New Orleans next week as part of our "Strike Against Crime". More signs, and stickers, arrive this week.

In a nutshell, here's what the plan entails:
1. On January 9th, everyone wear something red.
2. Organize an activity or memorial among your neighbors or community group.
3. If you are a business, consider pledging 5% to a local charity that contributes in some way toward solving the problem of crime.
4. Be creative.
5. Help distribute signs--use ours, or make your own.

Note: When Baty and I went to pick up the signs at a shipping depot yesterday, we had a no idea that they had been delivered on a palate, with no packing material or boxes. So we had to first unload the palate into our two cars, and then unload it again into the cafe, the office, etc. That knocked me out for the rest of the day, although it may have been the fumes rising from the freshly manufactured signs.


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