Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voted and Exit Polled

Both McCain and Bush have made a big deal about visiting my neighborhood as part of their effort to retain the White House, but their volunteers didn't see any reason to come down and post signs along the avenue; its Obama and Landrieu everywhere you turn.

Sula woke up this morning and ran through the house like it was Christmas. After running around the yard, I decided to put my vote in early, and Sula insisted on tagging along. We drove across the Canal to our polling location, but the lines were too long so I turned around to take Sula home. The campaign signs along the way made her nervous. Then I returned and stood in line with excited friends and neighbors, all anxious to cast their votes. On the way out, I was polled by AP regarding who I voted for, what my concerns are for the country, and how the hurricane affected me. At least one category didn't have an appropriate answer for me. "When did you decide who you were voting for?" There was no box that said "Four years ago."

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