Have we underestimated the pit bull vote?

A few weeks ago I posted something about Obama's position on pit bulls. He's against breed specific legislation (BSL) and in favor of laws that hold owners responsible for their dogs regardless of breed. When I posted it, I said that this obviously wasn't the most important issue in the campaign--but a politician's position on this issue often suggests how they work toward solutions. Do they try to find a way of addressing the problem, or do they prefer to feed the public's fears and then craft something that only works on paper?

Since that post, I've actually been getting a lot of traffic on my blog from people who are searching for Obama's position on pit bulls. In recent weeks, many of these voters are coming to my blog from the swing state of Ohio, where owning a pit bull--or any dog that looks like one--is illegal.

Meanwhile, here in New Orleans, there are bunch of pit bulls looking for homes. The beautiful boy in this photo is named Buddy. He's another Gustov refugee, and currently he's having a blast at a foster home with a pit bull/catahoula mix. But he'd prefer a place of his own.


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