Friday, October 10, 2008

Who is John McCain?

I was, I admit, a bit cranky when I posted the following. But after so many speeches and websites and viral emails asking "Who is Obama?" and suggesting erroneous connections to people who aren't close to him at all, I thought it would be worth pointing to some concerns I have about McCain's truly close associates. It is interesting how the "conservative" media ignores the following stories.

Who is John McCain? And what can we make of the people he chooses to associate with?

His wife used a nonprofit organization to fill prescription drugs for her own use--using the names of her employees.

His running mate was found guilty of abusing her position as Governor to settle a score with her sister's ex-husband. Oddly, most of the conservative press has completely overlooked this story.

His campaign has accepted money from anonymous and fictitious donors, and accusation he raises against his opponent.

One of his major campaign contributors also funded a project on which William Ayers served on the board. McCain now denounces Obama for a similar association.

A Senate ethics committee found McCain guilty of "bad judgement" for his relationship with a savings and loan goon.

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