Dogs roaming the streets of New Orleans

While the storm wasn't as bad as we feared, there are still lots of dogs running loose in New Orleans. This morning I picked up a black female Old English (I think?) bulldog and with her a white male bulldog. The female was in particularly bad shape, with bite marks on one side of her face. The male was wearing a tag that belonged to a black lab that was lost during Katrina. They are both heartworm positive--and incredibly friendly.

I'm still electricity my posts will be infrequent.


jcwife said…
I am happy that you and your pack are back home. You and your dogs are what came to my mind first when I heard of Gustav. I hope that your power is restored quickly and that things get as closely back to normal for you as quickly as possible. The two bulldogs are beauties. I hope someone is looking for them. Thanks for writing and keeping us posted. - Christine & the New Yorkie Boys.
pitbullmom said…
awww Ken - what's going to happen to those 2? they should get fixed up and find a nice new home.
Deefor said…
Is there something people can do to help the dogs in New Orleans? Some place to send contributions?

Madeleine and Deefor
molly's mom said…
So glad you and the dogs are home and safe! Hope the power lines are cleared and electricity restored soon. Our hearts go out to all the strays in NOLA, canine and feline. We will try to send a contribution to the Sula Foundation to help get them healthy and ready for adoption. Meanwhile, take care!

Molly and Linda B.

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