Saturday, March 08, 2008

Our multiple anniversaries

sula shirt, originally uploaded by kfoz.

It was a cold night, so I let all the dogs into my bed last night, and this morning, Brando is giving Zephyr a bath at the foot of the bed while Sula snores with her eyes open as she rests her head next to mine on the pillow.

All of this has reminded me of our multiple anniversaries. The Dogs Who Found Me was published two years ago with a first printing of 3000 copies. It is now in its 13th or 14th printing, with a total over 60,000 copies in print.

Sula showed up outside my door four years ago on March 17th. Zephyr arrived five years ago on Valentine's Day. Brando has been with me seven years at the end of January.

A lot has happened in those years. We now own a house. Sula now has her own foundation. And her own line of products, with proceeds going to help pit bulls and their owners. I'm planning some Brando and Zephyr shirts as well.

And, we're still running our special incentive. Donate $20 or more to the Sula Foundation, and we'll send a signed copy of The Dogs Who Found Me. Donate $30 or more and we'll send a copy of Dogs I Have Met. Donate $50 or more and we'll send both.

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lisa in tlh said...

Tallahassee misses you guys!