Amazon discount continues...

While Brando is shaking his head at the returns from last night's primaries, Amazon continues its sale on Dogs I Have Met and The Dogs Who Found Me, now nearly half price:

You can get there by clicking this link.


Anonymous said…
ken, i paid full price for your book and don't mind at all. i was worth it, but for those of you who need the discount, take it where you can get it. i bought it while shopping at petsmart for a collar and tags for a pit bull i had rescued off the street the day before, which i had never done before. i pulled off the road, opened my door and she ran at my car and hopped right into the front seat between myself and my husband. it was as though she had sat there a million times before. i found the owner a week later, but it was like it was meant to be. your book has inspired me to do more. it's good to know there are so many others who see all the animals out there who need help and want to show compassion. most people don't understand it. thank you, leslie from california

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