Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dogs bites, pit bulls, owned strays, etc

There was a really horrific dog attack in the Treme section of New Orleans a week ago; two "pit bull type" dogs, both intact, one rumored to be pregnant, ran loose and jumped on a four year old girl and then attacked an older man (I think he was 59). There were serious injuries, and there were also reports of injuries that were inaccurate. In any case, a nasty situation. I heard from neighbors that the owner of the dogs was a problem, that he couldn't control the dogs, that they had worried for some time that something would happen, but didn't know what to do, since we live in a place were response to reports is typically slow. The local paper quoted someone from the SPCA suggesting the dogs would have been less likely to attack if they'd been spayed or neutered. The owner responded by saying that castrating a dog is cruel.

Owned strays are a big problem. I've been chased by individual dogs and packs of dogs in the past month, and in nearly every case the dogs are owned--and intact, which means that they are creating more dogs every time they roam. (Well, not literally every time, but you know what I mean.) If the neighbors in Treme had felt that reporting these dogs would get them somewhere, or if a beat cop had reported them previously, the attack last week would not have occurred.

But, of course, there are still people who think the solution is to ban dogs that look that way. So this morning I saw that someone had arrived at this blog searching for a petition to ban pit bulls in Louisiana. Of course, this person was not actually from Louisiana, or even a neighboring state.

This took me to an utterly insane site called, which was trumpeting the possibility of a ban in Louisiana. This was particularly interesting (ie. hypocritical), because elsewhere on their site, they express their outrage at the possibility of pro-dog people from out of state participated in an online survey in Loudon County, where the legislature was trying enact BSL. This was dishonest and manipulative, they say, and typical of the evil pit bull owner. And yet they also highlight a study that "proves" pit bulls are responsible for most dog bites--yet they never identify the report as being the infamous CDC report, which even the CDC has denounced as inaccurate and misleading.

The site is registered to someone named Gary Stevens in Seattle, although at one point he had listed the site to the Seattle Police Department, and he currently lists a contact phone number that is apparently a pay phone outside a Chevron station. Just the kind of person one would trust for truthful info?

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pitbullitigator said...

The site belongs to the webmaster Colleen Lynn (vain notions I believe is the name of her business, listed at the bottom)She was allegedly bitten by a dog that looked like a lab mix in the Seattle WA area. They recently obtained as well under same. We believe she was contacted by KK Nelson of Denver as part of his plan to intro BSL across the country. The question is this: Should a city attorney even be allowed to contact anyone, whether victim, govt employee, city council, and TELL them he is THE expert on BSL because BSL is currently in Denver (despite the CO legislature having outlawed BSL in 2004?)Nelson always calls himself just the "messenger" and considers himself a "political pundit"....Disgusting.

He is not a "messenger" but simply a city attorney that revels in pushing BSL anywhere someone will listen to his BS. You will notice that the webmaster states that YOUR ISP is being recorded by looking at the site, and that she never allows any discussion on the site. It is not a BLOG--its just another advertisement to promote and foster and promote hate against both dogs and owners. Claiming that "victims" have no monetary recourse? Then she copied that from Kenneth Phillips aka out of CA. It smacks of pulling in other victims to REFER such victims to attorneys if you ask me. You notice a lot of whining, but you also see there is nothing being done on their end, to simply try and change the law regarding vicious dogs. WA state already HAS one of the MOST strict laws on dangerous dogs. If she had been bitten by a 100% lab dog, what would she be saying then????
She has been coached by people who do BSL for a living.