Brando gets political

I'm trying to keep myself uninvolved in politics this year, but my dog Brando is another story. After falling into an early evening nap, he woke me a while ago, apparently to alert me that his candidate just won the South Carolina primary. This news also inspired one of his old dog sitters to contribute to the campaign via Brando's somewhat inactive fundraising page.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out the New York Times endorsements earlier this week. Obviously timed to influence the South Carolina results and Super Tuesday, they picked Clinton and McCain, saying that they didn't really like either of them, but...

In the case of Clinton, they acknowledge that she's divisive and has broken many promises and isn't nearly as inspiring as her competitor, but she does know a lot of people. As for McCain, they say they don't like any Republicans but if you have to vote for one, they hate him least of all. Whatever happened to having an actual opinion?


jillpw said…
The Philly Inquirer endorsed Obama, though this too was a bit half hearted.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I said I wasn't donating anymore until he won another primary/caucus. I keep my promises. Hillary is another story. She is now going to come campaign in Florida. So much for her pledge. WalMart can have her back. Take Bill too. And this bleeding heart liberal will vote for McCain if my democratic option is Hillary. Obama in '08. TK

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