Sterling and Ken at dba

Sterling and Ken at dba, originally uploaded by kfoz.

I stopped into dba on Frenchmen to use their wireless. I haven't been in here since the post hurricane days when no one had phones or internet or ice, and so you went anywhere that had a signal.

And then I stopped going out entirely.

But tonight I returned, and as I did some research online, a cat appeared and climbed into my lap. His name is Sterling, and he is very large and fluffy. As he kneeded my torso, people began speaking to me.

"I've never seen anyone bring their cat into a bar before," one girl said. "I'm used to seeing dogs."

And suddenly I wondered if he lived here, as I assumed, or if he had come with someone else. Or even just wandered in on his own.

But then a manager appeared, and confirmed that Sterling was working.


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