Pit Bull Owners Sue Denver

I've mentioned before that Denver has an idiotic and ineffective ban on pit bulls and any dog that anyone thinks looks like one. A group of pit bull owners are now suing the city--I've met at least one of the people involved. I've met her dogs. And, considering the crazy atmosphere out there, I kind of feel like I need to say that they are now living in an undisclosed location.

Here's a link to the story in The Denver Post. Unfortunately, the unsigned story contains the kind of misinformation that characterizes most reporting on the issue, which is one of the many challenges we face in trying to address the real problem of irresponsible owners. For example, it quotes the CDC study that found "pit bull type" dogs resposible for a chunk of attacks. But the CDC itself states that the study was flawed, inconclusive, and should never be quoted for the purpose of supporting any kind of breed ban. No matter, they quote it out of context anyway. They also quote the city lawyer who says something about pit bulls attacking like sharks. Time to send him back to vet school. Oh, that's right, he's not a vet, he's a lawyer.

Another error is the number of pit bulls seized under the ban. They quote a figure of over a thousand in two years. I've been told its more like over 2,000 in one year.


That's infuriating and sad all at the same time.

I really have no idea what I'd do if they banned Pit Bulls where I live. I know they're banned in Miami (Dade County)....but if that ban were to ever hit Central Florida, I'd be in trouble.

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