The Beagle Who Bit Me

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This is proposed cover for my new book. I've been promised that it will not be the final cover. And I really hope that is the case.

The image would be great for a greating card, but it is a bit hokey and sweet for me--and for the content of my book. But the real problem is that people who love beagles might pick up the book, assuming there are beagle stories inside. And there is one--about a crazy beagle who mauled me in New York City.

I'd suggested a plain yellow mutt. No dice. Then I urged them to consider a gorgeous shot of Brando by the same photographer that did the cover for The Dogs Who Found Me. No answer yet on that.

What do you all think? Let's take a poll!


Anonymous said…
I want Brando!
I agree! Brando!!! :)
jill said…
Brando!! Definitely. :-)
lisa in tlh said…
Anonymous said…
It has to be Brando. You need to have a continuation from the last book. If not Brando, at least some type of mutt.
Anonymous said…
Gee, having published a number of books, I really wonder what your publisher is thinking. First, it should be more in line with the cover of TDWFM, so it's instantly recognizable to your fans. Using the same font just isn't enough. Also, that picture is really not up to par. Since the first book is still selling in good numbers they really ought to emulate it, not move away from it. A picture of Brando with a similar feel as the first would be perfect--if they don't do that, I honestly don't know what to say.


sara gran
Anonymous said…
Does Brando get along well with small dogs? Enough to let them, say, crawl on him? I've read Dogs Who Found Me and really liked it, and would like to see more of Brando. Maybe a compromise between Brando and gooey cute could be to have Brando with a teeny wee dog sitting next to him, running off with a large bone, etc. I have a chihuahua-daschund mix named Gordon, and while small and cute, he's far from sickly-sweet.

On a side note: we took Gordon to dog training to get some manners and for us to learn how to control a small dog (I grew up with 100lb beasts) and he dominated the shepard, the hound, and the pit-lab mix who were in the class! The pit-mix was a push over compared to the wee beastling.
Larry said…
It was the cover of 'dogs who found me' that got me to buy the book, and then read it all in one sitting. So much is conveyed in the picture. It makes me laugh, and cry, thinking of the dogs and the connection that they should have with us. Nothing against the cute beagle, but the pic does not fit the writing. Do dogs feel and express emotions similar to humans? Who cares, it's something dog lovers experience every day.
Steph said…
I agree, the cover of TDWFM grabbed my attention and was the original reason I picked the book up in the first place.

My first vote is for Brando. If the publishers don't come to their senses about adorable Brando then it HAS to be a mutt of some sort.
Anonymous said…
I think it should be Brando as well, even though a beagle is my two pit mixes' best friend.
pia said…
No, no. That's not the right photo. Why not a candid photo of dogs, plural? I agree that the cover of tDWFM is strong, and this one should be a companion. b&w!
billiejean said…

Is the dog on the cover of "dogs who found me" Brando?

Billie Jean

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