Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is what separation anxiety looks like

Recently it has come to my attention that most people don't know what separation anxiety really is--including many people who work with animals. This video is a good example, and yet, it is actually fairly mild compared to some dogs I know...

Of course, all dogs would rather not be left alone. But for some it goes into an intense, hysterical reaction--as you'll see in the video.

For a while, my dog Brando would become hysterical if I even just went into the bathroom. He still cries sometimes when I go into another room.

"That's not normal," an animal "expert" recently told when I described some of the typical behavior of a dog with chronic separation anxiety. No, it is not.

(This video is not of one of my dogs.)


Fred of Baltimore said...

I too have a dog with separation anxiety. His name is TAL (tag a long). If I back up he gets stepped on. If I close a door between us he goes nuts. I prefer crating my dogs, but for him it would be inhumane. He goes bezerk and hurts himself in crates.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I guess I got Pitty girl (Jezebel) always has to be with me if I'm in the house...whatever room I go into, she has to be there, but if I close the door, she'll just plop herself on the other side and patiently wait for me.

Breaks my heart to see a dog get so freaked out!