Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Zaniness in Seattle

I've been meaning--for a while now--to link to Zane Miller's blog aka Inzane. Zane put me up while I was in Seattle, and even drove me around town. Had I ever met him before landing at SEATAC? No. So, how, you may wonder, did this happen? Was he hired by my publisher to make sure I got to my events on time? (Insert the deafening sound of the entire country laughing.)

No no no. Zane is the older brother of Mr. Case Miller, according to legend. And Case (aka as the "blind-to-dog friend" of The Dogs Who Found Me) foolishly introduced us via email and then made us promise not to discuss him. Which we didn't. Not even for a minute.

But the point of this post is this: there are some really disturbing, hilarious photos on his blog, from some zany convention thing, I suppose. Zane is the geekier of the two brothers, and that's saying a lot. But my favorite part of his blog are the comic strip formatted anecdotes. He should do more of those. Or perhaps even do a little strip of Brando, Zephyr and Sula!

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