Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Obscure Louisiana Law: Dogs Can Drive...as long as there are no cats in the car

Brando's Kiwi Element
Originally uploaded by kfoz.
I've been getting email asking for updates on what's new with Brando (and Zephyr and Sula...everyone has their favorite). Here's the man of the house behind of the wheel of our new evacuation mobile, a Kiwi Element with...absolutely no extras. Special thanks to Brando's grandparents for helping to make it possible.


Terry said...

This may be a way to get around anti-pitt laws. Just make sure the dog always remains in the car, and when the "authorities" come to enforce the "law," you simply claim the dog (who obviously owns the car) is just visiting.

Oh. I really tried to work that one. Maybe a little too hard.

Big Sis said...

This is why Ken had to get a new car - Brando was driving.

Betsy said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, it seems we have been remiss in our dog-driving classes. Brando is clearly quite confident in his abilities (hmm, I would suspect he drives with a heavy paw . . ).

Hope you enjoy the Element, and when you are ready for the extras, splurge on the armrest/storage for the driver's seat (which also doubles as an additional means to keep nosy dogs out of your lap).