Seventeen dogs and six print runs

When I agreed to write The Dogs Who Found Me, I said there would be twelve dogs in the book, because that sounded like a good number to form a book around. Now people keep tossing the figure of a dozen dogs around, but it isn't accurate. And people keep asking me how many there really were and I haven't had an answer. So I finally sat down and counted. There are seventeen dogs in the book. But there were more in life. (Border's, in their pet catalog, claims there are just three dogs in the book; hopefully they don't count book sales the same way.)

Also, for the past two weeks my publisher has been, once again, out of stock. Prior to that, they had broken their own record by keeping it in stock for nearly three consecutive weeks. So a sixth print run is due in their warehouse today. But probably won't arrive until after the holiday--just in time for my tour dates next week.'s really really hot in New Orleans. And the Aquarium of the Americas reopens tomorrow. I can't wait. Earlier in the week, they had a big press event as the penguins arrived home and marched into the building. Like many New Orleanians, they'd been waiting for the election results, but decided to return home anyway.


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