Tuesday, May 02, 2006

from A to Z(ephyr): Amazon publishes a concordance for The Dogs Who Found Me

My book now has the notorious Amazon "search inside" feature, which means they've also listed the following list of the 100 words that appear most frequently in the text:

again along always animals another anything asked away brando bull called came car care come day dog door down even everything few find first found friends front get getting go going gone good got help home house ing katrina keep kept knew know later left let little long looked looking might morning need new next night now once outside own owner pam people pit play puppies ran really right rocco room run sat see seemed shelter side someone something still street sula sure take things think thought time told took two vet walked want wanted week went without yard zephyr

Can you guess which two words are far ahead of the rest? (The answer is under the comment section.)

They also have interesting text stats analyzing the complexity of my work. If I am reading them correctly, you need to be in seventh grade to be able to read the work correctly, and tenth grade to be able to understand what you've read.


kfoz said...

The answers: dog and brando, of course.

Anonymous said...

got it in one!!

Big Sis said...

Well, most of the first-through-fourth graders you read to in Michigan seemed to understand what you read!