Coming soon: The Dogs Who Found Me on audio

Well, its not coming til next spring, but an audio version of the book is under contract now. I have no idea who will be reading it (which, in this case, means they will essentially be playing me.) Last night, as I listened to Pickle the Dog perform accompanied by harmonica, I found myself wondering if there should be dog sound effects added to the recording. Which celebrity dogs might best portray the dogs of the book? Who will play Brando?

When I was in Iowa a few weeks ago, my reading at Prairie Lights was broadcast on WSUI radio, and should soon be available online. Since it was supposed to be my last reading for a while, I decided to read something I hadn't read before: the sections about evactuating New Orleans. It was difficult to read--and yet the idea of a stranger's voice interpreting these personal things is...a bit hard to imagine.

I'll post a link to my own reading as soon as it goes online.


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