Snow Falls on Pasadena

I read at Vroman's in Pasadena last night, as I began to read, a strange and unexpected snow squall came down. That was followed by rain and sleet. Everyone agreed this was odd and quietly wondered if I had brought the bad weather with me from New Orleans.

The store, by the way, is great. The staff was wonderful. And, in spite of the weather, people showed up and asked lots of questions, and bought lots of books. Some brought photographs of their own pit bulls to show me--and that just made me miss my own even more.


Dear Ken,

I was in your audience last night at Vroman's Book Store in Pasadena and because of the blustery weather, my car was covered with ice as I left the parking lot! It felt good to get home and curl up with your book by the fire with a glass of wine with my own dogs taking turns on the sofa next to me. I read all night and was unable to put your sensitive, compassionate, and thought-provoking book down, one more chapter, one more chapter...till it was finished.(sadly) I recently read Marley and Me with the same enthusiasm. I wish you similar success with your book. Please write more about New Orleans and the recovery; you have such a talent for making the reader feel present. If you're ever out this way again and need a place to crash, email me through my blog. I feel like I know you well enough from your book to make that offer. I can share some great stories with you too about my experiences doing Delta-certified pet therapy with cancer patients.

I'll put your posters, which I returned for after purchasing my books, up in a few good dog-lover locations in Pasadena.

Diane Ropp
and the Furkids, Phoenix and Bailey

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