# 34 on the Bookscan list

Most bookstores still don't have copies of The Dogs Who Found Me, so it was a surprise to learn that the book is #34 on Bookscan's list of bestselling pet books for the week ending March 5th.

Thursday night, after a bizarre day-long wind storm that sent debris flying everywhere, I did a signing at Octavia Books in New Orleans. I also signed stock there, so if you are in the market for a signed first, that's probably your best bet. BUT...because the distributors don't have the book in stock, it doesn't show up on most Booksense websites. So the best thing is to call. Octavia, by the way, is a wonderful bookstore, which is the real reason I'm plugging the fact that they have some of my books for sale.

There have been a number of great, funny reviews and event listings that say 1) Great things about the book; 2) Hilarious things about the possibility that I'm not far from being a crazy cat lady. I'll post some of the highlights later on...


Anonymous said…
Ken, I know crazy cat ladies, and frankly you just don't have what it takes. To begin with, you don't like cats enough.


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