Ontario wins, Rocky dies

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Today, Ontario upheld its order to kill Rocky the pit bull pictured in this photo. His crime is that he is a pit bull. And he is neutered. Absurdly, if he hadn't been neutered, they may have allowed him to be saved.

Maybe he should move down to New Orleans. Or anywhere.

His execution date is June 30th.


lisa in tlh said…
I'm so sorry Rocky's family. That's just wrong.
Terry said…
Ugh. This kind of garbage makes me want to start throwing up and never stop.
is the owner allowed to transport him out of the county so that he won't have to die?
there are a few yahoo groups with lots of info on breed specific legislation and fighting it.....
but i guess it's too late for rocky.
that just stinks.
kfoz said…
I'm trying to find out if he can get out of the country before the deadline, but I haven't received a reply yet. UGH.
Anita said…
jill bryant said…
Is there anything that we can do?? Do you have any place we can write letters? Anything? I'm thinking another rescue might be able to take him - www.spbr.org, maybe???
kfoz said…
What a gorgeous dog you have Jill!

There's an update from Tom and Rocky on above this entry...there are several options...and several people to email about it.

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