My list of dog books from The Week magazine

The Week is a magazine that prints digest versions of items from other weekly magazines and newspapers. Each issue features a writer offering a list of six books. This feature is called...The List. And this week's list is mine. It's a list of dog books, of course, and I had some trouble whittling it down to just six. I decided to focus on some of the more unusual books out there. I'll probably post the whole thing here eventually, but for how you can read it online.

One little thing: they edited my entry for Marc Joseph's book American Pitbull; my original description talked about how much I loved the contrast he creates between portraits of the gorgeous dogs on their own and then the sometimes disturbing world that people place them in. Somehow the first half of that statement was deleted. Also, the book is available in paperback, but they've listed the hardcover.


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