Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Countdown to The Dogs Who Found Me pub date

Publication is just a few weeks away, and things are starting to get busy. I spent Monday morning getting my photo taken with the (actual) dog who (literally) found me: Sula. The photographer from the Times-Picayune was impressed by Sula's well-trained response to the words kiss and smooch. From there I went on to spend some time talking to the Times-Picayune's books editor, Susan Larson, for a piece that will hopefully run before my first event here in New Orleans: a signing at Faulkner House on Sunday February 19th from 11am til 2pm, whcn the Barkus parade begins.

Other pieces coming soon:
A profile in Urban Dog
An excerpt in The Bark
A review in Dog Fancy
A mention in Harper's Baazar

I'm also still looking for some great dog rescue groups to promote at my events in the following West Coast cities, where I'll be making appearances in early March: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle. If you have any tips, you can email me at the address at the top of this page (replace the AT with @).

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