Colorado editor endangers lives by publishing the addresses of registered pit bulls

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Here's the synopsis: Kathy McIntyre, the editor of the Commerce City Gateway, published the addresses of the town's 24 registered pit bulls, stating that it was the only way to keep the citizens safe from a possible attack.

I've been doing research on dog attacks myself, and it would have taken this "journalist" about five minutes to discover the following:
1. People who are keeping dogs for criminal purposes don't register the dog.
2. The chances of a pit bull attack are incredibly slim: New York City estimates their pit bull population at roughly 350,000. If these dogs were innately eager to attack innocent people, there would be thousands of maulings each year in NYC. From 1965-2001 there were 19 fatal dog attacks in the State of New York. Less than one per year. But for arguing purposes, lets pretend that those fatal attacks all took place in New York, and that they all involved pit bulls. And lets pretend that the dogs live forty years, so that all of these fatalities can be pinned to those 350,000 pits in NYC. Using these exaggerated statistics, an individual pit bull has a .005% chance of being involved in a fatal attack. In reality, the risk would be far far less.
3. One of the most common causes of fatal dog attacks, regardless of breed, are intruders on the property. (A related factor is ANY dog kept tied in a yard.) By publishing these addresses and targeting these properties, McIntyre has elevated the risk considerably.

Frankly, I can't believe someone so irresponsible has a job. If you are interested in contacting her, McIntyre's information can be found in the comments section.


Anonymous said…
At work:
Kathy McIntyre
Commerce City Gateway
PO Box 88
Commerce City, CO 80037
(720) 221-7352
(720) 221-7352

At Home:
1257 S Flower Cir
Lakewood, CO 80232-2027
(303) 987-2785

Here's,+Lakewood,+CO+80232 a map to her house and click satellite for a picture of it.
Anonymous said…
If you find any interesting stats regarding dog attacks, send me the info.

Camden County, NJ

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